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A little about me & My Path...

Marie Hurrell, LMT, RYT, AHC

Hi!  I'm Marie.  I've taken care of people for the last 25 years in many settings.

I grew up in a health care based family and began caretaking at a young age for elderly and disabled family members before starting my professional gigs at age 16.

I've been drawn to learning about alternative and holistic health care since my teen years.  After providing private home care for 10 years and working in a hospital environment as a radiology associate for 7 years, I was more ready than ever to pursue my path in alternative health care.  I began my formal massage education at age 24 in 2011 at the Salter School in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.  This was the first time I was ever enthusiastic about learning and school in general. Massage lit my soul ablaze.  It was all the caretaking I'd always done and loved, but at another level.  I was smitten.


In 2017, I completed a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Yoga Moves under the direction of Mary Ellen Goodsir in Stoneham, Massachusetts.  It opened my world to grace, strength and creative movement.  It gave me a powerful self care tool not just for my body, but for my mind too.  Yoga taught me tools to get out of my overthinking head and a variety of ways to care for myself and others.

I decided in November of 2018  to certify in Buti Yoga at The Cure Studio in Salisbury, MA.  Buti is an Indian Marathi word that translates to "a cure that's been hidden away or kept secret".  I can confidently say this practice has been a gift and a cure for me!  This movement first spoke to my soul at a yoga festival in Maine in July 2017.  Buti is dynamic yoga blended with tribal movement and dance and it rocked my world the first time I tried it.  I knew I had to have more and I knew I wanted to share that bliss with others.  In February of 2022, I expanded by certifying in Deep by Buti in Atlanta, GA at The Fitness Collective.  Deep is a core based, restorative practice aimed at supporting the body after pregnancy/surgery, repairing the pelvic floor, healing separated abdominal muscles, and relieving low back pain.

In 2019, I attended The Ayurvedic Center of Vermont's 200 hour Āyurvedic Integration Program in Williston.  This program taught me the core foundations of Āyurveda that helped root me into rhythm and routine in my own life.  It gave me community and connection and opened my world to the vast beauty that is Āyurveda.  


After learning briefly about sister sciences in 2019, I returned to the Āyurvedic Center in July of 2022 to attend an intensive course on Jyotisha with Richard G Powell, Doctor of Āyurveda.  Jyotisha is Vedic Astrology and also includes palmistry, omenology, etc.; to ensure correct implementation of Vedic ritual, as well as to support a harmonious life. I continue to learn Jyotisa with my teacher on a bi-weekly basis.

In November of 2023, I completed my 600-hour Āyurvedic Health Counselor program at the Āyurvedic Center in Williston.  This education has been life changing for me, to say the least.  It has connected me to myself in a more whole way and deepened my understanding, appreciation, and passion for the many Vedic arts.

If you told me when I was in middle school that as an "adult" I would LOVE diving into education and teaching, I wouldn't have believed it in a million years.  I was a dedicated summer schooler, even through high school, and didn't apply myself as a kid.  I was apathetic and lacked any direction or drive educationally.  For a long time, I thought I was a bad student, but what I realized years later is that it was because I just hadn't found what I really enjoyed learning about.  When I began focused and concentrated learning about the mind-body connection, massage, yoga, reiki, āyurveda, jyotisha and vastu, my life changed completely.  It came naturally just like caretaking.  I count my blessings every day that deep satisfaction lives in my heart from the work I have the honor of providing.

In my heart, I know I am here on this divine planet to provide care, comfort and to create space for deep healing for myself and others.  I am passionate about sharing all the ways we can care for ourselves - mind, body, senses and soul - to elevate and enhance our quality of life.

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